Cactus Bloom 7

Original Work
In 2006 I sold my rental home in Tahoe and purchased a vacation rental in Palm Springs. It was 2 blocks from downtown with a pool and completely private back yard where we could wonder out any time of day without being textile impaired. The home had a good vacation rental track record and Valerie, my love at that time, and I could use it at our leisure. Almost immediately, the vacation rental company changed hands and no one was renting our cute little home. We soon found ourselves living there full time to be able to afford the mortgage. That was not a bad move considering Palm Springs is an amazing desert landscape. My easel was set up under a canopy in the back yard and I wondered the desert in search of inspiration. From those wanderings pictured here is Cactus Bloom VII 48"x48" Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas 48"x48"
1.75" Profile Gallery Wrapped

Origional Paintings: Nature and Other Cool Paintings