Board Meeting

Original Work
In February a few years ago I headed out to a remote area of Death Valley for a solo camping trip. Laura was off to see her father in Hawaii so I was foot loose and fancy free. Flyzo, our Border Collie and I, set up camp in a lonely stretch of desert. On that particular morning we did a long hike up black butte and into the neighboring canyon. The desert is so quiet you can hear yourself think.

After the hike I cracked open a beer and grabbed some salted peanuts in the shell. The ravens circled around and gathered about eating the peanuts I was throwing their way. They walk about like old men stumbling to the bathroom. I was cracking up. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a Coyote heading our way. Flyzo hates Coyotes. It is in his herd dog blood. I quickly leashed him to the car. I did this not because I was worried about him getting into it with the coyote but because I did not want him to scare the Coyote off.

Coyote wanted a piece of the food distribution action. The Ravens were a bit annoyed but they kept their social distance. My camera was at the ready and I captured the photo of Coyote and Raven in one shot. The Owl was added for his expertise in all things. I named the painting Board Meeting due to many long meetings with the Nevada County Arts Council. 44”x44” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Gallery Wrapped 1.75" Profile Frame is Optional

Origional Paintings: The Flow Series