The Juggler I

Original Work
The Juggler

In January every year I check on the Pantone color of the year. Living Coral, The Pantone Color of 2019 Is described as Warm, Glorious, and Connects Us to The World. After doing the pour of acrylic for my flow series piece I painted large bands of Living Coral on both ends of this 36”x60” canvas. Then the canvas sat in the corner of my studio until I figured out what to do next.

The previous year my friend Nicole invited me over to her horse ranch to photograph her Shetland pony for my painting Little Jake. This pony was such a stunning and stubborn character that every time I looked at my new unfinished canvas he came to mind. But how could it work with the vertical composition?

As I develop ideas I often hang the painting on the wall, sit in my comfy studio chair and contemplate what the muse has in store for a particular piece. It is at this point people often ask me if I was on acid when I dreamed this up. The answer is no, I always paint and create completely sober. The juggling mouse on top of an egret on top of the pony flashed into my mind. I firmly believe this vision was delivered by my very funny spirit guide who keeps me smiling throughout the day. The result, The Juggler 36”x60” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 36"x60" Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Gallery Wrapped 2.5" Profile

Original Paintings: The Flow Series

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